Digital marketing may be the one that dominates but we cannot ignore some successful and functional elements of traditional marketing that help the image and development of our business. One such element is the classic business cards - which we all know - and which can be turned into a great marketing tool.

Maybe you're thinking about how business cards will influence customers (or potential customers) for the benefit of your business? If you're thinking of the classic card you've been giving up until now, then you're right in thinking that it won't make much of a difference.

Maybe it's time to start thinking of your business cards as marketing tools and not just a way to give out your contact information. With some small changes and additions, your business cards can be transformed and become a great way to promote your business.

Below are some ways you can use:

Business cards as marketing tools


1. Include testimonials

Testimonials are an extremely powerful element. Many times they even determine the completion of the sale. Your potential customers are always interested to know what your existing customers have to say about your products or services through testimonials. Testimonials increase credibility and trust. So why not include some on your business card? Clearly, not many testimonials can be entered, but one or two of the best testimonials are enough.

2. Make your cards multi-functional

The goal in making your business cards multi-functional is to get your information in front of the potential customer in multiple ways. Your card can be a bookmark, notebook, sticker, magnet or even a key ring.

Now there is an incredible abundance of options. You just make sure your card can be used in more than one way and is functional. This way there is less chance of the card being lost or thrown away.


3. Add your website

The website is an essential tool and element for your business. It is your online store or office! Is your business present on the internet? Then your business card is the means to give the "address" of your online store. Communicating the existence of the website but also prompting your customers to enter it shows professionalism.

4. Put your social media profiles on the card

Social media is more than a means of promotion, it is also a work tool. In fact, many sales are made through them. So, as you understand, it is necessary to put the social media profiles you are on on your card. After all, people are more likely to find you through social media than through your website or phone.



5. Write your email

Too many people prefer email communication as they consider it more reliable (the writings stay) but also easier. Possibly not including your email in this day and age would be like not listing your phone number 20 years ago. In addition to being a communication element, it is a necessary addition as it also exudes professionalism.

6. Put your face on your card

Can you remember all the faces behind the business cards in your office? Not like that; The same is probably true of your customers! So how about putting a picture of yourself on your cards? Your potential customers will remember you many months after your brief acquaintance and feel familiar with you. This can also give you an advantage over your competitors who may not have made this move.

7. Mention a cause you support

Getting the word out about a cause you support can be great for your business. Your brand can have an immediate impact on a potential customer because they are passionate about the cause you support. It also gives people a taste of what drives you and what you and your business stand for. Examples of such causes that may resonate with your target audience are charities for vulnerable groups and the protection of animals or the environment.


8. State your motto/ an inspirational quote

Many people love quotes especially those that inspire and motivate. Many may even identify and connect with you because they believe the same. Even if it doesn't happen like that, the fact that they will read something nice will not leave them indifferent.

9. Put a QR code on your card

Maybe you haven't noticed but more and more people are putting QR codes on their cards. It is something very modern, attractive, but it also increases curiosity about what might be hiding behind it.

Now what can this QR code be?

It can lead to a video, a landing page, a contact form or a digital card where all the information and links of your business will be gathered: the website, social media and even a small portfolio.

10. Give some special offer

Your business card is likely to have more impact when it comes with a special offer. You could offer a giveaway or a coupon for products on your website. Although it costs more, this will help potential customers remember your brand and also keep your card in a prominent place for longer.



11. Attractive design

Create a card that stands out from the competition. A card that even if they don't remember your details will stay in the mind of your customers. This can be the shape, colors, fonts, layout, anything. An attractive design shows professionalism and someone who takes their business seriously.

12. Use quality material to make your business card

While the information on your business card is important for generating leads, it's also important to think about its material and texture. Many try to cut costs by using low-quality materials to create business cards. This will only damage your business reputation. A large percentage of mediocre business cards end up in the trash. Prospective clients may judge you by the quality of the business cards you give out. They will conclude that your products and services may go hand in hand with the poor quality of your card.


13. Use NFC cards

The newest and most impressive thing in the world of business cards is definitely NFC cards. Made of durable material (usually plastic) they do not go unnoticed. NFC(Near FieldCommunication) technology is finding more and more applications in everyday life and business cards are one of them. NFC cards have a chip built into them. When the customer's NFC-enabled device comes close to your card, a series of actions is displayed on the customer's screen.Like, automatically save your phone to its contacts, open your site or map with your location, and even see a sample of your work (if you've saved something like that). An NFC card can include almost everything we have mentioned so far. Community is the future!

We have analysed NFC business cards also here: Why NFC Business Cards Are The Future Of Your Business



These tips show that small (or big) changes to a standard business card can turn it into a powerful marketing tool and show you're a leader in your field. It also shows that you keep up with technological developments but also that you are really into your business.

Smartly designed business cards allow you to connect even more deeply with customers and make your brand memorable!


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