Are you renting a property? Do you have a business card or even better a digital business card? If not, why? Do you think short term rental businesses are less of a business than other businesses?

We imagine why not use an additional marketing tool to take your business one step further than the competition?

To be on the same page, when we talk about short-term property rental businesses we are referring to short-term rentalssuch as Airbnb, rental accommodations, villas, hotels, etc.

Why should you have a digital business card for your Property Rental Business?

As you have probably noticed in recent years, short-term rental properties have been on the rise. It is very positive that there is an increase in demand for short-term rental and therefore an increase in income. But there is also an increase in competition, the benefits and services offered.

That is why we see that more and more marketing tools are used to promote real estate. It is imperative that a business uses all possible means to stand out from the competition.

So one of those tools is the use of business cards. Printed business cards in real estate have so far only been seen by hotels, something that is gradually changing and has been adopted by owners of other short-term rental properties.

And why not! A business card has your business details on it, helps the potential visitor to get in direct contact with you, shows professionalism and adds value to your business.

Now imagine how much more powerful this tool becomes when it's turned into a digital business card!

We have detailed the advantages of digital business cards in a previous article:

7 Reasons Why You Need A Digital Business Card

But in this article, we'll look at why and how digital cards can be used by short-term rental businesses.

Digital Card & Short Term Property Rental Businesses


What are the advantages of the digital business card for your business?

Communicates key information quickly

One of the biggest advantages of a digital business card is that it can communicate a lot of important information like your business-property's address, phone, email and website at the same time. It may also include photos and a map of your property's location.

All this ends up on the visitor's device via NFC technology or the scanning of a QR code.

It may include a map with the location of your property

The usual thing when someone is looking for the location of a property they have rented is to type the address into google maps and navigate with GPS. The basic condition is, of course, that he has entered the correct address and has located the correct location of the property. We don't want to know what will happen if the same address is in the southern and western suburbs of Athens and the GPS leads the visitor elsewhere!

On a digital card you can add a map with the exact location and the visitor with one click opens the map and is guided to the right address!

Easy and quick registration


In essence, a digital card is a digital profile on the internet. Using NFC technology or a QR one can enter this profile. So all that is required is an NFC-enabled device (usually a mobile). The visitor brings the device close to the NFC card or QR code. That's it! All the details of your property (address, phone, map, social media profile, etc.) were entered in his contacts.

How likely would you be that he would manually enter this information into his cell phone contacts?

It can be shared even remotely

An NFC card can be very impressive, but all it takes is a QR code or a link to enter your business's digital profile. This means that you can send the QR code or the link via email, private message or however you wish. As before, once the QR code is scanned, the details of your rental property end up on the visitor's device again.

You can share your bank accounts or payment methods

Usually when someone rents a property (Airbnb, hotel room, etc.) the process is like this: The accommodation sends the bills for deposit and the guest makes the deposit by logging into their bank's electronic system or in person.

With the digital card the process changes a bit. You can have all possible payment methods already registered on the digital card. The guest can copy the account number or go directly to deposit saving the "broken phone" of exchanging memos.


You can include more information than a printed business card

In addition to your address, contact phone numbers and emails, your website, accounts and a map, as we mentioned, you can include many more details.

First of all you can add your social media profiles so visitors can connect with you there as well. You can also put photos of the property as well as various information. The visitor enters all of these directly with one click.

It's a small website

As we just mentioned a digital card gives a lot of possibilities. You can enter everything from contact information to photos and a map with your location. So, especially if you don't have a website (although we recommend having a website), a digital card can replace it.

WhatsApp Integration


WhatsApp as an application is one of the leading communication platforms. Someone can get in touch with you directly by phone or text. Especially if you receive visitors from abroad you should put WhatsApp in the communication methods as you will have an extra "plus" as a host. Through your digital card someone can connect directly with you on WhatsApp.

Direct bookings

You probably found that the digital card allows you to add quite a few links. So you can add link that leads directly to your booking system so that your future customers can book easily and quickly without interference.

It creates positive impressions about your business and brand

A digital business card is sure to steal the show! It is something very innovative!

It also shows that you keep up with technology developments, that you take your business very seriously and that you are a pioneer in your industry.


What should you include in your digital business card?

As we have seen there are many items that you can add to your digital card. But what are these elements that you absolutely must not skip?

1. Logo

If you haven't already designed a logo, it's time to do so for several reasons. But above all, a logo makes your business more recognizable and will help your brand stand out.

2. Property name

Even if we are talking about Airbnb or a rental villa you should mention the name of the property. In fact, it is good to have, in addition to the name of the property, the name of the responsible host. Especially in the case of rental properties, things are more personal. The visitor needs and wants to know who is behind the property.

3. Contact information

Contact information is necessary for prospective visitors to get in touch with you. Add the address, phone (mobile and landline) and a contact email as a minimum.


4. Website

You may not have thought about it but a website, even for short term rental businesses is a great tool. Beyond basic information, photos and contact information, it adds credibility to your business. It is the digital reception of your property so it cannot be missing from your digital card.

5. Photographs

The first thing someone will look for when looking to rent a property is photos of the property. Make it easier for the prospect to find photos. Add a small portfolio. A high-quality photo that shows the best features of your property will attract more attention and encourage potential guests to book.

Final thoughts

A digital business card is a great tool for short-term rental businesses.

They can make customer contact more immediate and easy while giving you plenty of options and definitely create a positive impression.

Since the demand for rental properties is increasing as well as the competition a digital card is a powerful card to make the difference and your property is "Booked for the season".


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Making your digital business card is much easier than you think. You can start here. For anything you need, don't hesitate to contact us.

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