Near Field Communication (NFC) technology is becoming more and more popular every day. You may have seen it on your smartphones as it allows you to make payments, access websites, scan QR codes and of course share information via business cards and NFC tags with other NFC-enabled devices. How can you get NFC cards into corporate events?

In this article we will see how NFC business cards can be used at corporate events to improve networking with other professionals and clients.

What are NFC business cards and how do they work?

Although we've covered it here as well, NFC business cards are similar to traditional business cards, but contain an NFC chip. This chip carries information that can be read by NFC-enabled devices. It may contain information such as your name, contact information, even a link to your website or social media profile, etc. Users can access this information by scanning the card with an NFC-enabled device and store it automatically.


Why are NFC business cards a good case for corporate events?

One of the advantages of using NFC business cards is that they can help you save time and…paper.

For example, if you attend a large corporate event, you may not have time to exchange traditional business cards with everyone you meet. However, if everyone had an NFC business card, you could simply scan their card and store their information on your device. That way, you'd have all the information you need in one place, and you wouldn't have to worry about losing a business card.

After all, even if you had a little time, would it be enough to exchange phones, website, social media profiles, hours of operation and more?


There are several reasons why NFC cards are a good choice for corporate events:

  • They can help you save time and paper cards (and therefore money) as we said
  • It is a convenient way of sharing information
  • They can help you connect instantly with the people you meet
  • They are impressive and make it easier for others to remember you

If you are planning to attend a corporate event, we recommend that you consider using NFC technology to promote your business and grow your network. In addition to cards with NFC technology you could use stickers, QR codes and others.

So now that we probably agree that having an NFC business card at a conference, seminar, exhibition or anywhere else is a smart move let's look at some things that help:

Make sure your device is enabled for NFC contacts

If you want to scan NFC business cards, your device must be NFC-capable. Most newer smartphones have this feature built in, but you may need to check your device settings to make sure NFC is enabled.

If you are not sure whether your device has NFC or not, you can look up your device's specifications online or in its settings.

How to use NFC business cards at corporate events?


You are in a place with many people so it makes sense to forget about the conversation and handshakes. You will also meet so many new people that you may not even remember half of them. Even if you remember them, you might not get their phone number or details. Most likely others will have the same problem as you.

How can an NFC card change the game? The NFC card impresses! People will remember the fun experience of touching an NFC tag and at the same time have your digital business card on their phone where they can store the necessary data without doing anything manually.

How you can use NFC technology to provide your details

As far as the NFC-enabled business card is concerned there is probably not much more to say. It's the most impressive thing there is when it comes to business cards.

But there are other ways to use NFC technology at a conference/corporate event:

NFC stickers

Looking for a great way to share your company message or information? Try handing out some NFC stickers! They're fun, easy to give out, and everyone loves getting a little gift. Plus, it's a great method to share your assets and logo out there. Using an NFC tag inside your sticker allows you to quickly share your contact information with others.


NFC key fob

Give event guests an NFC key fob. This key ring is not just a fashionable accessory but also a multi-purpose tool.

Thanks to the NFC keychain everyone will have something to remember you by. With this key ring, attendees won't have to worry about losing your information. In addition, its design makes it a stylish accessory to take with them wherever they are.

Pen with NFC tag

Give the pens out at conferences, trade shows and other events. Anyone who scans the pen with their phone will be able to see your website and follow you on social media and more. NFC pens are a great way to promote your business or website and make it easier for people to find you online. They're the evolution of promotional pens that were once (and still are) shared.

So in the end we will probably agree that NFC technology is extremely convenient, easy to use, impressive and one step ahead! So yes, also for corporate events and conferences!



NFC business cards are a great way to network at such events. They are easy to use and can be scanned by NFC-enabled devices. You can also use stickers, key chains or pens with NFC tags to promote your business or website.

So wouldn't you like to make everything for your business easier and above all to make the experience of contacting you unforgettable?

If you want to create your own NFC card you can start here. It is much easier and faster than you think. Ready to take your business one step further?

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