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24 Apr How to turn your digital business cards into a selling tool
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Yes, digital business cards are impressive. Yes, they are definitely something original. But how do they increase sales?Maybe you're sceptical and s..
04 Apr Use NFC technology to build strong relationships with customers
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NFC technology is here and finding more and more applications. What if we told you that it could also be used to build strong relationships with your ..
16 Mar How NFC Marketing Can Help Your Business
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Any business that wants to grow and have a successful digital presence needs to stay up to date, embracing and integrating new technologies and capabi..
30 Jan How NFC Technology Creates Smart Hotels
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NFC (Near Field Communication) technology is making its appearance in more and more fields. So it didn't take long to enter the field of hospitality...
18 Jan Property Rental Business : Stand out with Digital Business Card
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Are you renting a property? Do you have a business card or even better a digital business card? If not, why? Do you think short term rental businesse..
29 Dec How to Use NFC Technology for an Amazing Customer Experience
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Perhaps you are coming into contact with NFC technology and NFC Marketing for the first time and the possibilities they offer. But it's good to learn ..
20 Dec 7 Reasons Why You Need A Digital Business Card
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Even today, professionals and entrepreneurs mostly share their contact information through printed business cards. Printed business cards when well de..
13 Dec How To Use NFC Business Cards At Corporate Events
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Near Field Communication (NFC) technology is becoming more and more popular every day. You may have seen it on your smartphones as it allows you to ma..
21 Nov 13 Ways To Turn Your Business Cards Into A Smart Marketing Tool
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Digital marketing may be the one that dominates but we cannot ignore some successful and functional elements of traditional marketing that help the im..
14 Nov Why NFC Business Cards Are The Future Of Your Business
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NFC business cards are the future, and they're starting to take off in a big way! After all, NFC (Near Field Communication) technology is used in many..
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